Youth in Politics is the New Dawn

Youth in Politics is the New Dawn

Written By – Anita Sharma

It has been 71 years that India was declared a free country. Since then the country has been undergoing major changes in terms of social, economic, political and technological aspects. But, there is one key function of that drives the remaining three. That is nothing but the political system of India.

The majority of Indian population is under the age of 35, but sadly it is largely a gerontocracy. Political parties are filled with aged men and women who often look like members of an exclusive pensioners’ club! The question that now arises is that: Is this generational rift between the citizens and the political setup desirable? And where are youth in politics?

India being a mixed bag of regional, religion, and caste based diversities, it is a cumbersome task to govern it; given the kind of electoral make-up India has, the dearth of young politicians on the front benches is purely implausible. They are patronized, alluded to be imperceptive, demoted to the background and hindered by an environment that encourages an uncritical reverence. The kernels of pessimism are thus slowly sown in them.

Most young leaders who have joined politics, come from high profile backgrounds with the resources and legacies of their royal or age old political families. Notwithstanding their criticisms, what seems remarkable is that they do espouse for participation of youth in politics. They have been crucial for the parties they work for. Consequently, we see more and more participation of youth in politics which is a good sign. In status quo, we have seen that the emergence of youth in politics have brought in new spirit of enthusiasm and confidence among people. The dubiousness that leaders are born is no more a conventional understanding today. As we know that leaders “need not do different things”, it would be sufficient if they can “do things differently”. And this is what we need now. We need young fresh minds to come into politics who strive to make the country better. It is time for youth to take leadership in their hands from the octogenarian politicians. Hence, increasing the participation of youth in politics seems like a new dawn.

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