The real issues of a common man are disappearing from the elections

Writer: Zaid Chaudhary

Political parties and their leaders know very well how to trick people. They can also make lies true and sell them, because that is their profession. The general public does not understand. Earlier, poverty, inflation, unemployment, the right price of farmers’ crops, all these issues were raised during elections and governments were formed and fallen on these issues. You must remember how much there was a ruckus on the price of onions once! But the clever players of politics have disappeared these real issues. From the election field and also from the minds of the people.

Corruption is no longer an issue before and after the elections. Why? Because now no opposition party wants to take to the streets and agitate. Even if you do something small, just to take photos and make videos viral. In fact, the plains have now become slaves to WhatsApp and Facebook or say social media. This slavery has been well-built among parties, leaders, workers, even the general public. Election campaigns, speeches, even relationships have now become Facebook. Emotional relationships have been abandoned. No one even found out.

Since the general public, the real voters, have not been aware of the real issues, then how long have the parties been wanting this. The price of petrol, diesel, flour – pulses is no longer known to anyone. It is purchased and the price written on the packet is paid online without asking the price. Since this online money started being transferred, people have stopped feeling inflation. They do not know to what extent the price or price has increased.

They make online payments in bulk and go on. It doesn’t matter! You do practical – you bring ten kilos of flour and pay online, neither do you know the price of kg, nor do you want to ask. Similarly, fill petrol or diesel in the car. Pay three or four thousand rupees. You don’t see the price of liters. This is the reason why clever leaders have disappeared the real issues.

When it does not matter to the public, how will inflation become an issue? How can unemployment become a burning issue when the youth do not know the job struggle? Corruption has mingled everywhere as if it does not matter to anyone. The reason is clear – now everyone is in a hurry. There has to be work. How did it happen? What- what had to be done? No one wants to think about it.

Therefore, in elections, there is no issue now, only caste. If the caste arithmetic is fine, then the candidate wins, otherwise he loses.

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