The Change, India Needs

The Change,India Needs

Written By – Manya Kapoor

India has a population of nearly 1.3 billion. Youth makes 19.1% i.e. one-fifth of the country’s total population. Statistics say that 65% of India’s population is below the age of 35 years and yet only 6% of our leaders and ministers in India are below the age of 35 years and can be called as “young leaders”. In the current Lok Sabha, just 12% are youth leaders.

These statistics are appalling and show how the country’s political scenario is facing an acute shortage of enthusiasm, vigour, energy, and talent. The numbers enable one to ponder over the issue that if the youth of our country is achieving milestones in all other spheres of life and emerging as leaders and people who can actually change the world, why is the youth population so low in politics?!

As one delves deeper into question there are numerous thoughts which come to mind.  The primary reason for this lack of participation of the youth in politics is the current scenario of politics in India. The system today reeks of dishonesty, corruption, malpractices and has become just a money game ruled by those who wield immense power. The cherry on the cake is nepotism and its ability to overpower ability and talent. Such conditions are swaying the youth away from politics and thus the system is losing out on energy and potential which surely can make a difference. The political and legislative systems suffer the most.

An interesting fact to note here is the way to change the current political status of our country India is actually by increasing the participation and involvement of youth in politics. They could be the age game changers because of the simple reason that they do realise the problems in the status quo and have the potential to change it. This realisation if channelized can lead to a tremendous change in the current scenario and prove to be beneficial for our country, India.

There is a need for the active involvement of the youth in politics because of a number of reasons. Firstly, they have a constructive vision for the future and the fact that they have achieved milestones in other fields proves that they can change politics too. Secondly, the system needs them. It has been 72 years since independence and we have seen similar trends in politics repeating themselves thus showing that politics is caught in a vicious circle. The time has come for a change and the participation of the youth could be a great catalyst as now the political system is nearing a point of dangerous stagnation which could be detrimental to our country. Thirdly, youth participation will increase the dialogue between the general populace and the leaders as 65% of the population consists of the youth. This will ease communication and bridge the gap between the electors and the elected.

Thus, to bring about a dynamic change in the current political scenario, involvement of youth in politics is not just a desire but the need of the hour.

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Harinandan kumar

लोग युथ से सिर्फ काम लेते हैं पर भरोसा नही करते हैं इसलिए लोकसभा सीटों मे युवा की उम्मीदवारी कम है।

Rajaram rawat
Rajaram rawat



Go for the assembly elections its a win win chance if lost it can embolden dirty political tricks like nrc consider my thought it will make you go all the way round to development and after it just blog regularly i have a full plan in parts for development and will give via anonymous being only in parts