Youth: A Force to Reckon With

Youth - A Force to Reckon With

Written By – Rohan Shah

It is perturbing to fathom that the average age of a parliamentarian in India is 53 years whilst the average age in India is 28 years; alluding to the need of youth in politics.

A common understanding pervading our society is that youth lack both a meticulous understanding of the political sphere, and a pragmatic approach that are indispensable for a successful career in politics. However, the disagreement with this notion is that with the rise of media and a social milieu skewed towards the young people, how does having hoary politicians and their static understanding, cater to the society that is in transition and dynamic in its functioning?!

We Indians have always cherished our “democracy”, which is based on people’s participation. On a macro-level it not only seems detrimental but also paradoxical that most youth deviate from politics thinking of it as contemptible and a small number of youth in politics are eclipsed by dynast’s politicians. India needs a political system that complements rather than hinders technological innovations and expansive industrial growth that equates with each citizen’s rise in their economic and social capacity. This will continue to remain as far-fetched goals until our politics continues to perpetuate age old orthodox Cal practices of caste and religious rituals. From this vantage point, it becomes pertinent for the participation of youth in politics who are willing to incline towards dynamic and innovative approach to sustainably develop our country and empower the lower echelons of our society. This was what Prashant Kishor aimed for when he started his initiative of ‘Youth in Politics’. Events were organized in various colleges across India that sought to enlighten students in politics and make them cognizant of the benefits of bringing the youth, like themselves into politics. A platform for youth to clear their doubts and question Prashant on the practice and theory of electoral politics is thus provided and his guidance is sought after. ‘Youth in Politics’ is a pivotal programme, especially in the current scenario when our age old politicians are reluctant to leave politics and appear hostile to new-comers ,and our country stands way back in comparison to other countries like Sweden, France and New Zealand with the average age of MPs being 45, 4,9 and 49 respectively. Participation of youth in politics is imperative for our country to move a step forward in the right direction!

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