The Youth is Now

Youth is Now

Written By – Anshita Chouhan

One of the broad strengths that our country has been boastful about in the recent times is the power that lies in its demographic dividend; the power of a million youth and the potential that they inherent, which is a prerequisite for the development of a nation. One of the youngest countries in the world at the moment, India’s average age is 28 years. Streamlining this potential and allocating it in the most efficient development basket is what the policymakers of India have been focussing on lately. Capitalising this is not only opportunistic but vital for the double-digit development that our country wants to achieve.

However, the irony lies within the fact that the average age of MPs in the 17th Lok Sabha in India is 54 years, which is older than the average age of representatives all across the world. An arena of political pragmatism and meticulous diplomacy, politics is considered too far-fetched for the likes of general youth to initiate any change. While India proudly identifies itself as a democracy, it falls short of absolutely exercising as one when the policy decisions of the country are put in effect by primarily only 35% age representation of the total population.

The age bracket of the population between 18-35 years of age identifies the issues of ‘today’ that India needs to tackle. Representation of youth in the political colosseum will bring to the table the problems that our developing country is facing, which could no better be understood than by the section consisting of a majority of the working population.

Limiting the policymaking arena to those above fifty hinders progress by barring the entry of newer perspectives and notions in the legislature. Not only is the youth inherently more energetic and enthusiastic, but it is also more literate and cognizant as compared to the age bracket of the current legislature proportionately. Involvement of youth in politics, by providing them with a place in the legislature and space in our current political discourse, will dynamize the political evolution in India by many times. A fresh outlook and fresher ideas are what the requirement of our democracy is right now.

Involving youth into politics is the next peddle for advancing our democracy further. Youth are what define the active population of a country, and it is only logical that they equipped with the required opportunity they need to initiate a change, implement a difference, and incur development.

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This is the high time and need of the hour that our youth start developing an interest in the political affairs of the country as we are one of the youngest countries in the world, it should be reflected in all the spheres. Youth is the power of any country and we are blessed that we have abundance of it. So we will have to harness this power.

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Peter Bowen

Notably, you have said nothing about what youth should do were they become legislators. India has a good middle class. It has accepted the challenge of space, which I believe is the pathway to unity of all mankind. India faces a terrible pandemic, as do all nations. This puts front and center the need for a universal health system that can care for the entire population. But power, water, sanitation are missing for millions of people. How are you going to develop them? I believe breaking with the power of the City of London and Wall Street is the only… Read more »