About YIP

Youth in Politics’, an I-PAC initiative, which provides a unique platform for individuals (aged 18-35 years) to join active politics under the mentorship of Prashant Kishor.

No, there will not be any payment or reimbursement for any expenses incurred by the individual.

No, there is no registration fee required to join YIP.

At any stage you can inform the representative from YIP that you are not interested. You will not be contacted any more
Yes, YIP is an I-PAC initiative.
Yes. PK will be involved in mentoring the candidates who join YIP
Fill the form at "youthinpolitics.in" and you will receive registration id.
Post-registration, the interested individuals will get the opportunity to meet Prashant Kishor in an interactive session. YIP will provide a platform for continuous mentorship on how to enter politics.
No, YIP is not associated with JDU.
Member's contact details would be used only to communicate with them and share work details. The data will not be shared with any third party
Yes, anyone in the age group 18-35 can join YIP
Under the program there is likelihood that individuals who have registered will get an opportunity on to meet Prashant Kishor individually in addition to the group mentoring session.

About Prashant Kishor

Prashant Kishor is a political strategist and politician. He worked for the United Nations for eight years in the public health domain. Currently, he is the Vice-President of Janata Dal (United).

Prashant Kishor will be mentoring all the individuals who have registered under the Youth in Politics program.

About IPAC

"I-PAC is a platform of choice for educated youth and young professionals who want to participate in the Indian political system and contribute meaningfully in setting the agenda for incoming governments, without necessarily being part of a political party.

I-PAC started as Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG) in 2013 and has been operating in the socio-political domain since the last 5 years. This group, founded by young professionals from renowned academic and professional backgrounds, is described as “India’s first Political Action Committee”. I-PAC has transformed the way elections are fought in India by introducing professionalism and innovation at scale in campaigning.

I-PAC aims to bridge the gap between citizens' aspirations and the incoming Government's priorities in its endeavor to support the election of visionary, progressive and inclusive leaders to public offices. I-PAC has ensured that citizens' agenda becomes focal to its campaigns through 'Nitish ke Saat Nishchay' in Bihar and 'Captain de Nau Nukte' in Punjab. In UP, through the 'Kisan Yatra', I-PAC brought back the focus on the demand for farm loan waiver which found resonance across the country."

I-PAC is a private limited company run by a board of directors.
I-PAC is not affiliated to any political party. The group has worked with different parties across the political spectrum, including the BJP, Mahagatbandhan (JDU, INC, RJD), INC and is currently working with YSRCP.
IPAC will work connect with the interested candidates and work as a catalyst help grooming them under the mentorship of Prashant Kishor